Saturday, August 20, 2016

Free airfare has come and gone!  Group rate increase has been placed in effect!  Now to look forward to the next promotion of Uniworld to see what they are going to offer to entice us to continue in our quest of taking over the boat!

Did you know that one of our first adventures in Milan will be the Dumo Cathedral?

And did you know that housed in that beautiful cathedral is the wonderful DaVinci painting of The Last Supper?

And this is going to be just the beginning of our journey.

Additionally we will be needlepointing in between - well actually probably before.  Come join us in our secret Facebook page to keep up with all the plans that we are jelling!  They are going to be too much fun.

Coming soon - very soon - like next week soon - is a land tour for your landlubbers.  Boston-Cape Cod!  Won't that be fantastic?  And two needlepoint shop visits with appropriate classes also!

Email me a to be included in the secret Facebook page for more details as they develop.

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